Rita The Accountant Can’t Believe Rob Did Mansplain Taxes to Her

Atlanta, Georgia – Rita Gordons has been left in shock after her colleague, Rob, chose to mansplain how taxes work to her in front of their boss.

“It all happened so fast”, Rita says. “We were discussing one of our client’s earnings. I was talking to my boss when Rob told me “Rita, I don’t know if you know this but the salary is gross so taxes will be deducted from it to get the net”. I am an accountant for fuck’s sake. Also, I have been an adult for 13 years. Of course, I do know what taxes are”.

Gobsmacked, Rita sat there with her mouth open for the rest of the meeting.

“I kept on asking myself : “did he just mansplain taxes to me”? During that time, Rob highjacked my presentation and took all the credit for my work”, Rita explains. ” I was too shocked to have a reaction or keep on talking. I spent the 15 last minutes of the meeting finding ways to kill Rob in my head”.

It wasn’t until way later, in her car on the way back home that Rita snapped out of her lethargic state.

“As I sat down in my car, I came back to reality”, Rita says. “It did happen. For real. Suddenly, I had so many great come backs for Rob. I wish I had reacted faster, now it’s too late to mention it. I just keep on replaying the scene in my head over and over again, changing what I say each time. At least, I’ll be ready for next time”.