Ricky Gervais Told by San Antonio Rapper to Get a Real Job

San Antonio, Texas – Braxton McFann, 27, also known as MC MacKale, a wannabe rapper from Texas has tweeted humorist Ricky Gervais earlier today to tell him to get a real job.

“I hate your jocks, you think your funny? Why dont you go and get a real job, humorist is not a real job and your a waist of space” the rapper, who writes his own lyrics, tweeted to the English funny man.

Ricky Gervais hasn’t reacted to the attack yet. Melissa McFann, Braxton’s sister, has shared her embarrassment.

“Seriously, he is a white rapper from Texas”, she says. “He hasn’t done any concert or anything yet. He just recorded two songs that he put on Facebook, where he has 6 friends. Why he would think that he is entitled to judge anyone else’s job is beyond me, to be honest. The whole family is ashamed of him”.

For Braxton, the fact that he is a rapper is the reason why he has to be loud about his opinions.

“Yo, I’m real. I am a serious rapper”, Braxton explains. “It is my duty to talk about difficult subjects. Like that time I discovered that every size of cup serves the same amount of drink at McDonald. Bro, I had to say something. I hate Ricky Gervais and all them humorists. Also, a Twitter war is the thing that could launch my career and make me a respected artist. Humorist is really not a real job. I think Ricky Gervais needs to know it”.