Queen Elizabeth II Does Not Approve of Meghan Markle Cockney Accent

London, United Kingdom – She will be the next to join the British Royal Family and she wants to do things right. Meghan Markle has decided to take lessons with a coach to learn to speak with an English accent

“The intention is good”, Nathalie, one of Prince Harry’s friends says. “She wants to honour her new adoptive country. It is sweet of her. The only problem is that Meghan has chosen to speak with a cockney accent. She sounds like Dick Van Dyke, it’s horrible”.

The actress had chosen a brunch last week with Harry and all of his family to show off her new accent. It didn’t go quite as well as she had hoped.

“Charles left the room”, Nathalie recalls. “The queen choke on her crumpet when she heard this. She asked Meghan to choose another accent but she refused. You can feel the tension between them since the incident”.

Even though the sad moment made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s couple stronger, it didn’t discourage the bride-to-be from using her brand new cockney accent.

“Meghan grew up watching Mary Poppins”, Nathalie explains. “This is the only English accent she likes. She has always dreamed to have the opportunity to speak in a Cockney accent without being politically incorrect. This is her chance. She has worked really hard to be able to talk like that. She is not ready to give it up”.