Maui Opens First Humans Sanctuary For Cats

Maui, Hawaii – A sanctuary has been opened in Maui this week to entertain cats visiting the Island. More than 200 spayed/neutered humans live there, free to roam and play in the fields as they like.

“Cats are welcome to come to pet our humans”, Gabriel Botker, the director of the sanctuary, says. “All our residents are really well behaved and friendly. They live peacefully together and love it when visitors play ball games with them”.

The sanctuary is expected to receive several thousands of visitors each month. It has been opened to deal with the problems humans created for the  environment.

“Wild humans visiting Maui were becoming a threat for it’s nature”, Gabriel says. “They were trashing the Island, putting birds and other mammals living here at risk. They were also a risk for themselves, taking selfies in dangerous places. It was getting out of control. The sanctuary was the best option for everyone. Here, Humans have a lot of space and can be watched. It is also the new hot tourist attraction. We expect twice as many visitors coming on holiday in Maui in 2018 as there were in 2017”.

Gabriel wants to assure everyone that the Humans are living in the excellent conditions.

“They are not kept in cages”, Gabriel explains. “the Humans are free to go were they want, when they want. The sanctuary is 59000 square feet big. Doctors and nurses are on site all the time to make sure everyone is healthy. We feed our humans the best organic food possible. They are all very happy, just come and check by yourself”!