A Crime Was Allegedly Committed Last Night in Ligonier

Ligonier, Pensylvania – Cody Fergusson, the mayor of Ligonier, a normally quiet town, has been called early this morning to be warned about someone allegedly committing an illegal act last night.

“I don’t know exactly what happened yet”, the mayor said. “I was called this morning and told that a possible crime, felony, infraction or misdemeanor happened. It was definitely an act, I believe. I need to call a meeting urgently to find out more about it before I can take some action to fix whatever happened”.

Marge Ronaldson, 42, a resident of the town for 30 years, has joined her neighbours in the tree lined street she lives in to find out more about what happened. Still in her pajamas and dressing gown, she gasps in horror at the thought of what could have happened.

“Nobody can really tell me much yet”, Marge says. “Apparently someone saw something and called the police. From there, the word started to spread. It is really unnerving. You can’t help but looking at everyone suspiciously”.

Marge says she has now feeling that she is personally involved in the situation and will probably spend the rest of the day discussing the crime that allegedly happened with everyone to be sure she knows all the details.

“I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter too, just in case there is more information there”, Marge explains. “It does hit home, because you think it could have been you. Was it aimed at me but stopped before it happened? I am really stressed. And a bit excited too, since nothing ever happens here. I hope I’ll find out before tonight or I won’t be able to sleep”.