Boom Noises “Expert” Forced to Apologize After Lies Revealed

Kansas City, Missouri – Michael Sanders, 48, has issued a statement to apologize after it has been revealed that the Topeka born IT technician isn’t the expert in Boom noises he pretended to be.

Michael has been interviewed by many News Channels, after Boom noises were heard all around the world in the last few months. Michael, describing himself as an expert, has appeared on television to offer explanations such as invisible planes or meteorites flying too close to the earth.

He has now been forced to react after an Australian Newspaper uncovered the truth about his background and lies.

“I am writing this statement today to apologize sincerely to anyone who has been hurt by my lies”, Michael explains. “How could I have known things would go this far? It all began after I read about the noises in several cities. I gave my opinion on the source of the phenomenon in comments sections and messages boards. A radio show contacted me to give an interview about it and I accepted. The attention and respect I received felt so good, I didn’t correct the hosts when they called me an expert. Things got out of control from there”.

Michael is now vowing to never try to explain anything ever again. He admits that he has no idea what caused the noises.

“I can’t tell a Boom apart from another. I don’t even know how one becomes an expert in Boom noises. The best I got was a scout medal for being the best at recognizing animals noises. I am a fraud, I am ashamed of myself and I regret my decisions”