Donald Trump Gets Into a Twitter Fight With Himself

Donald Trump has left his followers worried after a Twitter fight with himself this morning. During the weird exchange, the President, 71, had very though words with himself about the unemployment rate.

“I saw it when he tweeted it”, Ernesto Wonnick, one of his followers says. “Donald Trump tweeted about the unemployment rate being the lowest ever, thanks to himself. The most amazing President the USA had ever had. He then replied to himself a few minutes later and called himself an idiot and a liar and questioned where he got the numbers from. It was so weird”.

It is not clear if Donald Trump forgot to switch accounts or if he has some rare moments of more acute consciousness. At some point, he came to his rescue against himself.

“A little bit later, still tweeting with his own twitter account, he pretended to be his publicist John Miller”, Ernesto recalls. “He said that Donald Trump was the most honest President ever. American people should be thankful that he takes the time to tweet for them as he is so popular in the White House, he barely has any time for himself. He then ranted about how gorgeous and masculine the President is. How all the women in America, employed or unemployed, dream about him. That’s why men criticize him, out of jealousy. It was totally surreal to see it happen live”.

Since the end of his argument with himself, Donald Trump has been silent.

“I am refreshing my feed, I want to know what will happen next. On one hand, I want it to stop as it is so cringeworthy. On the other hand, I equally want it to continue because that Twitter fight is so entertaining!”.