Plastic Thong at Center of War Between Two Small Towns

Powell and Cody, 2 small towns in Wyoming are fighting over the attribution of the invention of the Plasthong. The last fashion craze, a thong made of nanoporous polyethylene, a plastic fabric, has stained the relations between the two normally quiet places.

“My brother in law, Parker, invented the first plasthong”, Jeremy Frains, a resident of Cody, says. “He was in his garden, one sunny afternoon. He is a nudist but wanted the nice feeling of a thong to enjoy his afternoon sunbathing. This is when he invented a see-through thong made of plastic to be worn in and out of the pool. The whole town helped him launch his idea, with a raffle and various money raising events”.

Brutus Cooper, from Powell, insists it is actually his idea.

“I used to play with the shower curtain when I was a child. I liked to pretend it was a dress, a skirt or my underwear”, Brutus explains. “When I saw the plastic trousers trending, I knew I had to create a thong to go with it”.

The 2 communities have been fighting for month to know who had the idea first. Brutus and Parker have sued each other. Jeremy and his wife have recently been arrested after they stole Brutus’ front garden decorations.

“It wasn’t to scare him and prevent him from claiming the rights on Plasthong as he pretends”, Jeremy explains. “It was a revenge after he painted “Your stoopid” on Parker’s front door and Brutus knows it. He is the one bullying us”.