Over 36 000 People Tweeted RIP Charles Manson Yesterday

Since it has been announced that the man responsible for a murder spree in 1968, Charles Manson, had died 2 days ago, more than 36 000 people tweeted “RIP Charles Manson”.

This has shocked many people who don’t understand what could go through people’s head when they do something like that.

“I have no idea who he is, if I am honest”, Karlie Drew, 19, says. “My followers have called me out for tweeting “Rest in peace Charlie, you’ll never be forgotten, you have now joined the angels” after I saw the announce of his death was trending on Twitter. I think it is unfair to blame me. How could I have known he was a murderer? Ain’t nobody got time to Google about every person they tweet their respect to!”.

Another tweeter user who has tweeted a farewell to the serial killer is Mason Ungret, 26 years old.

“I Wasn’t sure if the rules about public grieving applied to him or not”, Mason explains. “I want to always make sure that everybody knows I am such a kind and emotionally open person. So I tweet RIP every time I learn about anybody dying, whether I care or not”.

Some other users were unaware of the meaning of RIP. Sandy Frosset explains that she believed RIP meant “Relieved (the) Idiot Perished”. Martin Ghote had another reason to join the mass of people tweeting without thinking about America’s most hated man.

“I tweet my condolences every time I see a name trending. I wrote RIP Obama 16 times already. It is a bit embarrassing but I am so eager to be one of the first to react when something happens that I make mistakes”, Martin says.