Missing Man Believed he Was Last Man on Earth for 9 hours

Pine Forest & Park, Scotland – Damian Tuckey, 25, the American man missing for over 9 hours has been found alive on a beach. The man, who had been out swimming when he disappeared, believed he was the last man on earth.

“When I came back from swimming, I didn’t realise the currents had moved me quite far”, Damian says. “I looked around and couldn’t see anything but trees. At first, I tried to go into the wood but I was too scared and didn’t go far. I kept on coming back on the beach”.

During the 9 hours he spent on the beach, 0.2 miles away from houses and a restaurant, Damian thought deeply about his life.

“I thought about every time I didn’t say I love you to my mother “, Damian explains. “Suddenly, I remembered every single time I was too scared to do something I really wanted to do. I thought about that outfit from the Kanye West collection that I never bought because I was too ashamed to like it. My life flashed before my eyes. After an hour or two there, I was convinced that everybody had died and I was the only person left on earth. I was so relieved to be found by those pensioners walking their dogs”.

Damian has decided to turn what could have been the story of an idiot missing for 9 hours into something more. He has decided to write a book.

“I want to teach men about manhood, bravery, strength and the capacity to overcome the obstacles of life. But mostly, I want to teach them about turning an humiliating experience into something you can make money of. Yes, I was scared, I cried and needed to be rescued. Of course, it only lasted 9 hours. But I feel entitled to lecture men on how to live their life. I survived wilderness”.