Instagram Star Cat becomes Sensation After Admitting He Lied

Wooftangcat had amassed a total of 210 000 followers since he first started sharing pictures of his daily life on Instagram. After posting this photo and a heartfelt apology, he has now gained a million more followers.

“I can’t take it anymore. I owe everyone an apology”, Wooftangcat wrote in the caption. “People are looking up to me. Cats are comparing their lives to me. The truth is, I have been living a lie. I have been selling a lie. I am stressed. Every time I look at myself in a mirror, I feel like a failure. I have kitten fat but I hide it on the pictures. My kids hate me. My wife left me. If it wasn’t for the professional photographer who take my pictures and edit it, I wouldn’t have anything positive to share. I am a loser with a good filter”.

The Instagram star explains how he fell into the trap of popularity.

“At first, I was genuine”, Wooftie says. “I opened an account because I wanted to share pictures of me and my life with my loved ones who were far away. As I became more and more famous, I have let it get into my head. I would lie and embellish the reality to get more likes. The sad truth is that I used to care about comments more than I did about my family. Unfortunately, I got lost in sponsored content. I am not the honest cat I thought I was”.

It might be too late for Wooftangcat but he still wants to create something positive out of this.

“I am begging people to open their eyes”, the cat says. “Don’t idolize people on Social Media. They show you what they want you to see. Filters. A thousand pictures to get the good one. Photoshop. That is the reality. This is what is needed for you to see a nice picture. And don’t get caught into a desperate quest of likes, you will lose yourself”.

The dark message has been liked more than 2 million times. Wooftangcat has decided not to post on social media anymore.