Finger Pointer Rehearses Ahead of 2018 Kanye West Tour

Stephen Bestine has officially been offered to go on tour with Kanye West in 2018 to be the official finger pointer for the 54 scheduled shows. It has been a long road for him since he first decided to become a professional finger pointer.

“I had seen a dancing man or a flag waver while going to concerts”, Stephen says. “As far as I remember, I always loved to point my finger so I thought “why not me”?  I could stand on the scene, behind the artist and use my finger pointing skills to enhance their prestation. At first my friends made fun of me. As I got more successful, they had to take me seriously. I have only been doing it for 2 years but I have already been the official finger pointer for Jennifer Lopez’s cousin first act!”

It took a lot of work and creativity for Stephen to turn his passion into a well paid job.

“People think it is easy, you just point one side then the other, and you’re good. But it is not the case”, Stephen says. “I work a lot. Rehearsing when to do a double left pointing, when to wink and point… It is a lot of artistic decisions. I practice 4 to 5 hours a day. That is without counting the 2 hours a day I spend at the gym strengthening my wrists and fingers. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide you’ll point fingers for a living. That’s insane!”.

When asked about his future plans, Stephen has already everything planned.

“I want to work for many celebrities”, Stephen says. “My goal is to tour with Beyonce. When I am tired of travelling and working evenings, I plan to open the first finger pointing school and pass on my passion to a new generation”.