Barbie Mid 20’s Makes a Lot of People Really Angry

She calls herself a millennial, takes too many selfies and refuses to admit she is not 17 years old anymore. Meet Barbie mid-twenties, the very annoying 26 years old doll who drunk tweet and didn’t achieve her goals just yet.

“We wanted to create a doll that would represent the modern adult woman”, Krissy Tyler, one of the creator of Barbie mid 20s, explains. “The new Barbie is self-centered and unapologetic about it. She whines and complains all the time. Obviously, she has something to say about everything but makes a point to be offended by everyone else’s opinion. She makes sure no one misses the fact that she is a proud feminist but is confused about what it means. She is Barbie 2.0. Barbie 2017”.

Erin Catson, 26, has posted a selfie in protest of the release of the new doll and penned an open letter to the toy company.

“I am offended”, Erin wrote. ” Describing millennial women like us as vain egotistical people is just not right. What will little girls think about women when they play with that doll? It is unfair to women. It is unfair to me. As a feminist, I can’t accept that kind of representation. Mid twenties women are strong, proudly wear make up to prove they love themselves the way they are and refuse to let people not do everything exactly the way they want it. This is what young women are. This is what I am. Sorry I’m not sorry”.