Woman Selling Juice Plus on Facebook is Really Sorry

Fabrizia Morelli, 30, is a mompreneur. A mother and a entrepreneur. During her children’s nap, she sells Juice Plus on Facebook. She is now hated by everybody she knows.

“It started slowly”, Tamara, one of her ex-friends says. “At the beginning, she was posting cryptic messages about being positive. Loving life. Being exited for a new opportunity. I was happy for her, she could work while staying with her children. I was a bit worried that she was associating herself with a Multi Level Marketing scheme but she was adamant it was safe”.

After a month or two, Fabrizia’s hobby became more and more present in her life.

“She would only talk about that every time we saw her”, Tamara says. “She would constantly try to sell us those juice and convince us to join Juice Plus. I was not interested at all so I told her honestly. It didn’t stop her from trying again the next time I saw her. I think the worst thing is the motivational images she puts on Facebook every day. It gives me the rage. The quotes are cringeworthy”

Fabrizia, who has received an email from all her friends explaining to her how they feel about her obsession now wants to apologize.

“I am sorry I didn’t manage to make you see the positive side of life”, Fabrizia says. “I apologize I couldn’t convince you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. It saddens I let my friends down. Excuse me for caring so much”.