Charles Manson Death Devastates California Parole Panel

Andrew Fergurton, one of the California Board of Parole Hearings Commissioner has today announced that the whole panel was saddened to hear about the death of Charles Manson.

“We learned yesterday, like everybody else”, Andrew says. “It’s sad. Charles was always so entertaining and said the funniest things”, Andrew says. “From the first time we met him, we found his humour invigorating. We always came out of his Parole Hearings with a smile on our face”.

Even though the next hearing wasn’t planned until 2027, Andrew was still hoping to hear Charles Manson’s nonsense one more time.

“He made the funniest jokes”, Andrew says. “We knew we didn’t have many hearings left with him, but we were hoping for one more. One last chance to have a good laugh and an endless provision of stories to tell when we are invited for dinner. I guess it won’t happen now. We’ll definitely miss listening to him. At least, we have the memories left”.

For all that, Andrew doesn’t forget Charles Manson victims and wants to defend his opinion.

“Of course I am sad for the victims and their families”, Andrew says.”I am not a monster. My thoughts and prayers are with them. But I am only human, you can’t blame me for liking to be entertained”.