Man Googles “How to Give up my Children For Adoption”

Newark, New Jersey – Fatherhood sucks! At least it does for Stuart Wong. The 36 years old estate agent is now looking up on Internet how to give up his children for adoption.

“It sucks”, Stuart says. “Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I really did. And most of the time I like them. It’s just that they are so much hard work. They’re smelly and they take up all my free time. I used to live in Manhattan… Look at me now!”

Of course, it isn’t an impulsive decision. Stuart has been thinking about it since the birth of his first daughter, Amelia.

“I told myself to be patient”, Stuart explains. “I figured out that once she slept more, when she could talk, when we could play… Then I will enjoy it more. But that never came. Of course, I have the honour to be called Daddy. But so does any male who crosses my daughter’s path, she really isn’t selective with who she calls Daddy. I’m done trying, I’m done with that fatherhood shit”.

One person who doesn’t know yet about Stuart’s plans about adoption is his wife, Deborah.

“I haven’t told her exactly yet”, Stuart says. “But I’m sure she will understand my point, I can see she is as much done with motherhood as I am with being a father. She is just too scared to say it out loud. I hope”