Try Dudes Live The Republican Life For a Week

The Try Dudes, creators of the Youtube Channel “5 Dudes Do Dumb Stuff”, have accepted a new challenge : live the Republican life for 7 days.

“When one of our viewers challenged us to live as Republicans for a week, we thought it would be easy”, Callan Franksis, one of the Try Dudes says. “We were wrong. It is really hard. We have to read conservative websites and leave comments showing off our racism or ignorance. It is harder than you’d think. It also makes me nauseous”.

“I wasn’t doing so great at first”, Thomas Kantle, another Try Dude, says. “But today, I yelled misogynistic things at people 16 times already and called someone a liberal at least 3 times an hour. I’m getting good at being a Republican. And I am a bit scared because I really enjoy it”.

The Try dudes have to achieve daily goals such as posting Onion’s article on Facebook as if they were true or blame random things on migrants.

“I have lost 32 Facebook friends already”, Callan says. “I am not sure I want to do 7 days of it. The Republican life is not for me. But I don’t have a choice. The Try Dudes never gave up on any challenge until now”.

Thomas has a more positive opinion on the experience.

“It is the most challenging thing we have done so far but it also allows me to see the world from a different perspective. A dark, sad, ignorant and angry one, but a new one none the less”.