Twitter Awards Women of the Year Prize

Like every year since its creation in 2006, Twitter has awarded a prize to 3 women. They are rewarded for their outstanding achievements.

“We are very involved in women’s rights”, Mary Clark, a spokeswoman says. “We make a priority of encouraging equality. This is why for the 11th year, we have picked 3 women whose tweets have showcased what women can do. Their achievements show us the way and we want to reward them with a bit of spotlight and a 1000$ cheque”.


That woman with the eyelashes in the kinder egg

“We all know that women are empowered by makeup”, Mary says. “Every hack that helps us in the beauty department is a life saver. Millions of women can now store their eyelashes safely and we will forever be grateful to you, Twitter user who shared the trick”.

That woman who explained how to use a pasta strainer

“Cooking is another of women’s superpower”, Mary explains. “Thanks to this cooking hack shared on Twitter, women will never empty the water out of the pan the wrong way again. Thank you, our honour is safe thanks to you”.

      That woman who tweeted “you vs. the girl he cheats with”

“Women are strong, independent and fierce”, Mary says. “What better way to show it than catfighting about hairs on social media? Thank you Twitter user for showing us that we should always blame the other woman, preferably publicly, instead of dealing with our boyfriend. Tacky is the new classy and nobody can appreciate it as much as Twitter does”