Trump’s Meeting Cancelled After he is Given a Time Out

Donald Trump’s meeting this morning have been cancelled after the President received a time out for refusing to share his toys with Mike Pence during their morning playdate.

“We gave him 3 warnings”, Elizabeth, one of his nannies, explains. “After three times, as he was still ignoring us, we decided to put him on a time out. We told him he could get out as soon as he apologized but he refused. We can’t give up with him or he will never listen again. Cancelling the meeting was not an easy decision but it was necessary”.

Donald Trump is also forbidden to tweet for 24 hours and won’t be allowed to watch his evening cartoons tonight.

“It can seem tough but he needs to learn” Elizabeth says. “Last week, we were a bit too soft with him and he ended up throwing food on the walls during a Gala. We can’t let him misbehave like that”.

Elizabeth insists that she had no other option and hopes for a better outcome tomorrow.

“We are sorry if our decision inconvenienced anyone”, Elizabeth says. “We can’t reschedule the meeting for this afternoon as it is his nap time. Hopefully tomorrow he will be a good boy and we will be able to follow the day’s schedule without problems”.