Woman Shocked to Learn Police is Not Actually PA Service

Boulder, Colorado – Sylvia Tanner, 34, has been shocked this morning to read a message the Boulder Police had tweeted yesterday evening.

“I follow them as it is interesting to know what happens in the community”, Sylvia says. “This morning, they had tweeted about people using them as a Personal Assistant Service. They cited the example of a woman calling them because she was lost and needed directions. I am pretty sure it was me”.

Sylvia, who has an habit to call 911 every time she needs something, felt betrayed by the tweet.

“I admit that I called them for my kitten in a tree, when I couldn’t find a parking spot and when I couldn’t figure out how to turn my heating back on, “Sylvia says. “My bad, I shouldn’t have. So much for serving the people. But it is humiliating to have to learn it from Twitter, they could have told me before”.

Even though she isn’t totally happy with it, Sylvia says she is ready to make an effort to not call the police so often.

“I will try to only call them if there is an emergency, I guess”, Sylvia says. “What choice do I have? But who am I going to call to have the latest sport results? Maybe they should have a website with every number we can call when we need an information. They definitely have to take part of the blame in this situation. They need to assist us better”.