Missy McHairballspitter and Doug the Clown Reach Point of no Return

Missy McHairballspitter made the headlines a few weeks ago for refusing to have his picture taken by Donna, his owner. The situation has now escalated. Missy refuses to talk to Doug the clown, who has always been an unconditional support to him.

“I feel bad for Doug”, Lionel, a neighbour says. “He tries to pretend everything is fine but you can see on his face how much he is affected by Missy’s behaviour. I was routing for Missy at the beginning when he rebelled against Donna. Now, I think he is going too far”.

Norgina, another neighbour, agrees with Lionel.

“I understand Missy is under a lot of pressure with Donna dressing him up in ridiculous clothes to take pictures but it isn’t Doug the clown’s fault. He has always been there for Missy, listening to him venting about the way Donna treats him. Doug helped Missy sabotage some photoshoots. Missy is really being mean to take his frustration out on Doug now”.

Norgina has tried to talk to Missy about his behaviour and how it affects Doug.

“Missy has tried to be a bit nicer with Doug, but it is too little too late, their relation might be broken beyond the point of no return. I hope it isn’t, I have such fond memories of Missy as a kitten sleeping with Doug. It would be a shame if they couldn’t work this out”

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