Jennifer Garner Plain Jumper Confuses Daily Mail Journalist

Ronan Pennon, a journalist for the Daily Mail Online has spent the morning staring at his computer, confused about Jennifer Garner’s jumper and probably also life.

“I came in this morning, ready to write my daily article about Jennifer Garner walking down the street when something hit me”, says Ronan, who lives in a £300 000 apartment in London zone 4.  “She doesn’t have any message on her jumper, not even a tiny picture. She doesn’t hold a book. Nothing that I could link to Ben Affleck. It’s only been two years, I’m not ready to let go”.

For the first time since 2014, Ronan had to consider writing about politics or literature.

“You just never know what is going to happen to you”, Rohan explains. “One minute you Google Jennifer Garner, the next minute all your plans are cancelled. Because of a jumper”.

Even though his day is not going as planned, Ronan stays strong and is determined to write an article about the actress anyway.

“I will still describe her outfit in painful details”, Ronan says. “I’ll find something with her hair. Maybe “Jennifer keeps her head and hair up?”, “She is not ready to give up on marriage or ponytail”, “Jennifer stays as strong as the tie in her hair” or “the actress attached her hair to hide the sadness over the end of her relationship with Ben Affleck”? I’ll find something, I am sure”.