Breaking News : Serial Killer Nobody Cares About Dies at Very Old Age

As the world woke up today, the news of Charles Manson passing away was spreading at a rapid pace. Many media outlets described the serial killer death as Breaking News.

“People might think that we are getting a bit too enthusiastic with the use of Breaking News”, Salazar Melsson, a journalist for Sacramento Bonjour News, says. “I think they are wrong. He committed a crime 48 years ago. His death is quite relevant to what is happening in the world today. He deserved a Breaking News”.

The decision to make such a big deal of the serial killer death was questioned by many people. For Myrta Ballen, the problem is even deeper. It is not only about Charles Manson and needs to be addressed sooner than later.

“Last week, there was a Breaking News about a cat almost falling into a gutter”, Myrta says. “It is getting out of control. When something properly Breaking News worthy will happen, nobody will realise, as we are all desensitized by now”.

A point Salazar is not ready to take into consideration.

“What were we supposed to do? Letting him die forgotten and unnoticed? We can’t let that happen”, Salazar explains. “And if you almost fell into a gutter, wouldn’t you want people to care? Don’t be insensitive”.