Man Can’t Get Over How Tiny The Cup he Was Given is

Pocatello, Idaho – Allan Mervis, 24, was looking forward to his family reunion. Like every early November since he left home, 3 years ago, Allan, his sisters, brothers and parents spend some days in their family house to celebrate Marlon’s, Allan’s father, birthday. Allan was happy to be with his loved ones until a cup made him reassess his place in the family.

“Everything was going well the first day”, Allan explains. “I was really proud as this year is the first time I have a full time job and am out of education. I was expecting to be treated as an adult and not as the baby of the family this time”.

The next morning, Allan woke up to a bad surprise that would ruin his weekend.

“When I came down for breakfast, the table was already set”, Allan explains. “Everybody had a nice mug, except me. I had a tiny little ridiculous cup. I couldn’t believe my eyes”.

Allan was so baffled that he had to go drink his cup in the garden to avoid making a scene in front of his whole family.

“That was such a low blow”, Allan says. “My family pretends that they don’t see why I am so upset. They say it was just the last cup left and I am overreacting. I know I am not. This cup says “Allan, you suck. You have been and always will be such a disappointment. Now here is your tiny cup, loser”. I obviously still love my family but it is going to take me time to get over this. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and I am not sure what I will do. I don’t want to stop seeing my family but if I accept that, what will come next? Will I have to eat in a side dish plate or sit on a smaller chair?”