Fitness : Sealates Will Make You Forget About Goat Yoga

Chatham, Massachusetts – If 2017 was the year of “Goat Yoga”, 2018 will be all about “Sealates”, a Pilates class with seals. Kerry Tatouni, the creator of the fitness class will start teaching Sealates for the first time in the United States next January.

“Having animals in any fitness class brings joy, confidence and motivation”, Kerry explains. “Seals are surprisingly flexible, they are really good at Pilates. I have organised Sealates in Europe for years and the results are incredible. Participants have seen their Pilates level increase faster than they would in normal classes. Their mood have improved too”.

Dreessa Lucius, 34, has been waiting impatiently for a class to open in the USA.

“I have been watching Sealates on Internet for months now and the results are so amazing”, Dreessa says. “People lose weight, they get fitter. I even heard that some have grown some extra vertebrae. The class will be taught 10 minutes away from where I live, I am so lucky. I have already enrolled for January, I can’t wait”

The classes will be 20 minutes long and cost 50$ per session. They are all already fully booked.

“The classes will be short as we need to respect the seals. They have a very short attention span”, Kerry says. “That doesn’t stop people from desperately wanting to join us, the workout is still intense”.

Kerry is now planning her next fitness class, “Penga”.

“In addition to Sealates, I am creating Penga, a Yoga class with Penguins”, Kerry says. “The ratio will be 1 human per Penguin. I will teach people to do yoga poses with the penguin as a partner. I am still working on it as it proves itself more difficult than I had expected but I really hope to teach my first class in 2019”