Dead Cat on The Shoulder is The New Men’s Fashion Trend

Magnus VonDart, the creator of the brand “Der Fourt” has surprised everyone with a new fashion trend, the dead cat on the shoulder.

“After Magnus Jr, my cat, passed away, I couldn’t let him go”, Magnus Sr. explains. “I was heartbroken but the London Fashion Show was coming up and I had to prepare for it. I was hoping being busy would change my mind but it didn’t work. That’s when the idea came to me to include Magnus Jr. in the show”.

What was supposed to be a unique hommage turned out to be the most successful piece of the week. That is when the designer decided to launch an official dead cat on the shoulder collection of shirts.

“Everybody loved my idea, when they saw it on the catwalk”, Magnus explains. “They said it would be really nice to have a companion everywhere they went. And it does make you stand out of the crowd”.

Jay Ziggler, one of the first lucky ones to get his hands on the new fashion trend is raving about it since he bought one of the shirts.

“Once you’re over the smell, it is an amazing shirt”, Jay says. “It is definitely an ice breaker with the ladies. The only down side is that I keep on forgetting it’s there and get startled. At least we can have a laugh about it. I am not sure my friends totally understand why I bought the shirt. It is a statement, a bold move. It is who I want to be. The man who is not scared to walk around with a dead cat on his shoulder. The man who is not afraid of attachment or showing his emotions”.