All The Books Ever Written by Tom Hanks About Tom Hanks

With his most recent book out last October, Tom Hanks has surprised many people who just discovered that he was also a writer. This is his 6th book out, the five first being about himself, his life and his ideas. For the people wanting to read all of them, here is the list.

1) Tom Hanks : beyond the doll collector. Before being an actor, Tom Hanks was well known in the dolls collectors community. To put once and for all his reputation as “that dolls’ guy”, Hanks wrote his first book, a declaration of love to his real passion. Acting. The book was the reason behind his repudiation from the dolls lovers community, a reject that still hurt the actor to this day.

2) Sometimes Tom Honks, Just like Everyone Else : In his second book, the now famous Tom tries to calm the frenzy surrounding him since the success of “Sleepless in Seattle”. Tom wrote more than 600 pages, trying to prove he is just a normal person.

3) Nancy Kerrigan : Its Was Not Me. For some reason, the actor felt the urge to write 572 pages book proving he wasn’t behind the attack against the Ice Skater, in 1994, even though his name was never mentioned in the case.

4) Please : In an attempt to bring back good manners, the dolls lover wrote a book with only words sounding like please. The book most famous excerpt “This fierce breeze pierce peace for bee’s peas, jeez” is now engraved on a plaque at the entrance of Concord, California, the actor’s place of birth.

5) The book Not About Tom Hanks.  Surprisingly, every sentence begins with “Tom Hanks is not”. His name is written 5723 times in the book.

6) What The Situation Taught The Tom Hanks : In another book talking about himself, Tom Hanks shares the lessons he learned watching Jersey Shore, a show he admits he never missed.