Mother Makes Colleagues Watch Her go to the Toilet

Martina Dallis, 29, just went back to work after taking a break to raise her two children, Eva, 4 and Lola, 2. As much as Martina had prepared herself to find it hard to leave her daughters, she was still surprised by her own reaction, feeling lonely in the toilet.

“I thought I would miss their cuddles, doing crafts with them or hearing them laugh”, Martina says. “I wasn’t expecting to miss having people watching me when I go to the bathroom”.

Martina who also realised she didn’t really enjoy eating lunch sitting down or drinking her coffee hot had to ask her colleagues some help to smooth the transition back to work.

“I take one person with me to the toilet and have them ask me annoying questions while I’m trying to focus on peeing”, Martina explains. “Some of them leave a bit of their lunch for me to finish it for them. I prepare all my coffees and teas in the morning so I can drink it cold or reheat it in the microwave and forget them there. Some of my coworkers are even nice enough to wipe their nose or fingers on my leg!”.

Since she implemented the changes, Martina feels a lot better at work.

“It’s amazing! I am very lucky to have such helpful colleagues”, Martina says. “I am not too homesick and we actually bond a lot during our time in the toilet. It’s a win-win situation”