That’s not my President, he Doesn’t Throw Flowers to Himself

The editors of children’s books such as “That’s not my Gucci coat” or “That’s not my dirty nappy” have decided to write a new book “That’s not my President” to help children understand politics and learn about the president.

“Politics can be very confusing for adults”, Norman Sanders, one of the writers says. “So imagine for children! We want to give parents a tool to help them introduce their kids to politics. It’s never too early to learn!”

Children who have been introduced to serious subjects, such as elections, how the senate works or who is the President is, have been proved to do better at school later.

“You don’t need to do much”, Norman says. “This little book is enough to create an interest that will flourish into your child’s mind”.

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“We are really proud to help create a new generation of conscious and responsible voters with the book.