FOTF’s List of Safest Places for Women to Travel Alone

Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian organization, has published a list of the safest place for a woman to travel alone.

“We want to make sure women know where they can go and be respected, as Christians and vulnerable people” Ebenezer Phillips says. “The places we advise are also those where women can serve their purpose. Modern women have more freedom and want to be adventurous, we understand that. We just want to make sure they do it the conservative and Catholic way”.


The Vatican

“It is obviously the first place we advise women to travel alone”, Ebenezer explains. “The headquarters of the Roman Catholic church will offer plenty of opportunities to pray or visit a chapel”

The neighbours’ kitchen

“Women who are tired of being in their kitchen could offer their help to an elderly neighbour. Cooking in someone else’s kitchen might be the change women need to feel motivated again”.

An abortion clinic

“Travelling to the closest abortion clinic and standing in front of the entrance, lecturing anyone who tries to come in is always a great way for a conservative Christian woman to spend an afternoon”


“Obviously, going to the Church is always a great outing for Christian women. Furthermore, if the reason you keep on going places alone is that you are single, spending more time in Church can’t hurt you” Ebenezer says.