Hat Shaming : More and More Women Attacked on Social Media

San Francisco, California – Until two weeks ago, Noemie Lambert had only had positive experiences on social media. It all changed when she posted a picture she took of herself watching the sunset. Noemie just wanted to share a nice memory. She didn’t expect she would become Instagram’s latest victim of hat shaming.

“I thought my picture was so pretty”, Noemie says. “I was definitely not expecting to receive such a huge amount of hate. People calling my hat ugly. They said they could not believe someone would give me a job or love me with that on my head. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to answer”.

After she calmed down and talked about the incident with friends, Noemie realised a lot of other girls and women were suffering in silence after experiencing hat shaming.

“It want to take a stance”, Noemie continues. “It will send a strong message. People can’t judge me because I wear a hat. I have decided to post a picture every day wearing a different hat each time. I encourage every woman who ever has been hat shamed to join me. Let’s fight together. I have created the hashtag #youcantshamethathat”.

Dorianne, 23 years old, has also been a victim after posting a picture with a beret.

“It was brutal”, Dorianne recalls. “I’ve been called names I had never been called before. I am so happy Noemie decided to act. She is so strong, such an inspiration. Together, let’s make sure it never happens again. To anyone”.