Cat Admits She is Addicted to Keeping up With the Kardashian

Salem, Oregon – It is every cat owner’s worst nightmare. Arielle Guster has discovered yesterday that Daisy the Cat’s love for the show Keeping up with the Kardashian was way worst than what she had thought.

“I knew she used to watch the show a while ago”, Arielle says. “We talked about it. She promised me she would never do it it again. I trusted her”.

But Daisy’s obsession was too strong. It was only a matter of days before the cat went back to her old habits.

“She was watching it all night long, every night”, Arielle explains. “One day, I woke up to get a glass of water and I saw her. She admitted straight away that she had a problem. She was crying her eyes out”.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

“She has seen all the episodes 34 times. She follows the sisters on every social media. All of them! She even read fan fictions. I actually suspect she wrote some herself”.

Even though it will take time, Arielle knows deep inside that Daisy the Cat will recover from her addiction to the Kardashian.

“She is ashamed”, Arielle says. “Really ashamed. She realises she has let down the whole family. But I share some of the blame with her. I should have known something was wrong. Should I have spent more time with her? Or should I have realised earlier? She was meowing in vocal fry. I should have known. Maybe I did but I didn’t want to admit it”.