Couple Sues IVF Clinic After Baby Born Fan of Miley Cyrus

Tucson, Arizona – It was the miracle baby they had been waiting for so long. To have Aurora, now 5 months old, Isabella and Mathias Sanchez had to go through IVF. They went to a clinic who would allow them to chose what the baby should be like.

“We could choose her eyes and hair colour”, Isabella says. “What sport she would be into. What instrument she would like to pay. It was so exciting. We told them specifically that we wanted a classy little girl with good taste in music”.

After Aurora’s birth, the parents couldn’t be happier.

“She was everything we had asked for so far. We were very happy with what the clinic had done, she was perfect. At least that is what we believed”.

It was during a grocery shopping trip that Isabella and Mathias realised something was wrong with Aurora.

“She was crying inconsolably”, Mathias says. “I was holding her and rocking her but nothing would calm her down. Suddenly, Miley Cyrus music played and she stopped crying instantly. She was beaming. I swear her little legs were dancing”.

“We were shocked”, Isabella says. “After that, we went back home. We were still clinging to the hope that it was just a coincidence. We waited for Aurora to cry again and put some Miley Cyrus music on. Aurora stopped crying immediately and smiled. It happened 5 more times in the next 3 days. We were horrified”

The parents, who are now ready to accept Aurora the way she is, still want to sue the clinic who helped them conceive their child.

“They assured us a child with good taste in music”, Mathias says. “We paid them so much because we trusted them. Our daughter loves Miley Cyrus. We are facing a long route to teach her what good music. It will probably cost a lot of money too. The clinic is responsible and they have to pay the consequences”.