Donald Trump Accused to Secretly Love Science

One of the President of the United States’s former associates has made this morning shocking allegations about the friend he used to affectionately call Donner. Donald Trump allegedly secretly loves Science.

Brett Carrington, 54, has worked with Donald Trump on his first ever project the “Trump Pet Shop”.

“Donald was such a sweet guy at the time”, Brett says. “We were young, full of hopes. With his inherited money, he decided to open a pet shop, where handicapped animals could be bought. He loved animals and nature and was really excited about the “Trump Pet Shop”. Surprisingly, he is actually really intelligent. He has a secret diploma in biochemistry from Berkeley. Science is his real passion”.

Unfortunately Trump Pet Shop wasn’t successful. Donald and Brett had to close the shop after 6 months.

“Donald was heartbroken. He was never the same again. This is when he became that heartless, slightly stupid and egotistical businessman character. He became successful that way”.

But Brett knows that deep inside, the Donald he knew when he was young is still there. And he is yearning to come to the surface again.

“I know he is still passionate about science”, Brett explains. “He never misses a scientific magazine or book when it comes out.  I believe that this is why he is doing such a terrible job. This is not where his heart is. His real dream is to be a Scientist, a Marine Biologist or a Veterinarian. Not a President. He is just stuck playing a role. Aren’t we all?”.