Mother Horrified she Sang Songs About Drugs to Her Child

Marina Noffle, 32, went back to work last week after being a stay at home mom for 5 years and the last thing she had in mind were drugs.

Now her son, Thomas, is going to Kindergarten, Marina was hoping everything would go smoothly. Unfortunately for her, her son’s school called her yesterday.

“It was only my third day back at work”, Marine says. “It was at around 11 AM. They told me that Thomas had sung inappropriate songs. I was shocked. He has always been such a good boy”.

Once arrived at school, Marina realised that Thomas had been singing the songs she herself taught him. Songs about drugs.

“I love music and used to sing with him every day”, Marina explains. “As I don’t want him to rely on technology too much, we didn’t listen to the music, I just sang from memory. I really thought “Easy Skanking” was “He’s a skunk”, it was part of our animal songs playlist. And quite honestly, one of Thomas’ favourite songs. We sang it every day. I also learned that “Burn one down” is not actually “Turn one down”. We used it to learn directions and numbers. I feel so ashamed. Of course, I didn’t realise I made my son sing songs about drugs”.

After explaining the situation to the school, everything went back to normal. But Marina has decided to warn other parents.

“This is embarrassing, I am just so bad at remembering lyrics. I should have checked. I definitely recommend to any parent out there to carefully read the lyrics of the songs they sing to their children. I’ve learned my lesson. The hard way. We will stick to “ring of fire” or “Hey, Mr tambourine man” from now on”