Girl is Literally Lying Down on Her Stomach in Flowers

Los Angeles, California – Clarisse, a young woman studying Arts in Los Angeles has surprised all her friends when she finally managed to use the word literally properly.

“Clarisse is such a nightmare”, Roberto, a friend, says. “She uses that word in every sentence. We love her but she is so stupid. We are part of a group chat with several other friends from school and her last message was “guys, I literally think I’m literally losing an arm”. It’s like she wants us to punch her”.

This morning, Roberto was taking pictures with another classmate when he received  a message from Clarisse.

“She sent us a message on the group discussion”, Roberto explains. “She said “Guys, I’m literally lying down on my stomach in a field of flowers”. I didn’t think much of it but then she sent us a picture and I was shocked. She was actually lying down on her stomach in a field of flowers!”

“We were so proud of her,” Marta, another friend, says. “We had been trying to teach her how to use the word properly for years and she finally did. Although, I think it might have been unintentionally as she was really confused about our reaction”.