Super Edgy Student Trespasses For an Instagram Picture

Augusta, Portland – Maddison Raegan, 21 is a student at the University of Maine. She is also an enthusiastic Instagrammer.

“People judge by the cover but I am totally an edgy girl”, Maddison explains. “That’s why I post pictures of me with fake tattoos, pretending I am falling from a cliff or doing the peace sign. I am definitely not a boring white girl from Maine, I need to show it on Instagram”.

Born white and rich, Maddison feels the need to compensate. A tendency that gets on her entourage’s nerves.

“She thinks it makes her look cool but it’s cringeworthy”, Dolores Canaghan, a friend, says. “We have to pretend we don’t know her when she takes a picture. Her need to get attention all the time is getting tiring”.

“I just want to scream in her face : “Will you stop it Maddison! We all know you’re not in a gang and the most dangerous thing you did was serving food in a shelter one Christmas evening when you were 12 years old. And it was an animal shelter!”, another friend says.

Unaware of the drama, Maddison has just posted a new picture on Instagram.

“It is me trespassing, next to a sign saying “no trespassing”. I am so rebellious and funny! I am sure everybody will be impressed!”, Maddison says.