Cat Shocked After Accidentally Reading Trump’s Tweet

Bartlesville, Oklahoma – Sherri Lakassitee has brought Salta, her beloved cat, to see three vets already. None of them could help the cat overcome the traumatic experience he went through.

“It is all my fault”, Sherri says between two sobs. “I had been on Twitter on my computer and ended up looking at Donald Trump’s tweets. It was all for fun, it is so entertaining. Someone rang at my door and I hurried up to open it. I didn’t take the time to close the tab”.


A decision Sherri is regretting bitterly right now.

“When I came back in the living room, Salta was staring at the screen”, Sherri explains. “I ran to stop him but it was too late, he had read the tweet. The short and fat one. Of course, I was horrified. I tried to move Salta, cuddle him, apologize… Nothing would make him react. He hasn’t blinked, slept or moved since he saw the tweet”.

Sherri is out of ideas to help her best friend.

“The vets have never heard of a case like this before”, Sherri says. “I am so sorry I didn’t protect Salta better. What was I thinking? I need to move forward and find a solution to help him. If anyone has gone through the same thing and knows how to deal with it, please do let me know. I would give everything I have to get the old Salta back”