100 Years Old Woman Says Others Opinion is Most Cherished Memory

Aberdeen, North Dakota – Emilie Carter is celebrating a very special birthday today. She is now in the 3 digits. Even though she is now a member of the very hard to get in “100 years olds’ club”, Emilie is still full of energy and joy. And she hopes you have an opinion about it!

“I have had a fulfilling life”, Emilie says. “I had a long and happy marriage with Nicholas, my husband. My children, grandchildren, great grand children and great great grand children are all there for me. My mind is clear and I am stil healthy. I have everything I could wish for for my birthday”.

When asked about what her most cherished memory was, Emilie gave a surprising answer, without missing a beat.

“People giving me their opinion! I have such fond memories of people offering me unwanted advice about how to raise my children, what I should look like or if I should work or not. I could never get enough!”, Emilie explains.

Her only regret : Social Media didn’t exist when she was younger.

“It is such an amazing way to know what people think”, Emilie continues “About absolutely everything. You post a picture on Instagram thinking people will tell you what they think about your hair colour and they inform you on how you should carry your child or name your dog. It is amazing! Oh, how I wish it all existed when I was younger”.

So what will Emilie do to celebrate her 100th birthday?

“I will peel potatoes, to honour David Bowie’s memory. He was my favourite singer. What a man!”