Toaster Refuses to Let go of Woman’s Fingers For 2 Days

Las Vegas, Nevada – Barbara Fellice was looking forward to a quiet weekend after her husband took her two children camping. Because of a toaster, what was supposed to be a relaxing 2 days turned out to be one of the most traumatizing time in the young mother’s life.

“My husband Ron and the kids left early on Saturday”, Barbara says. “I was really excited to finally have time for myself. Bath, cheesy movies, pop corn… I couldn’t wait. After Ron and the children left, I decided to have a toast”.

This is when Barbara’s weekend took a turn for the worse.

“As I was going to put my bread in, I noticed a bit of bagel stuck. I didn’t want it to burn so I put my hand in the toaster to catch it. This is when it all happened. I don’t know how, but the toaster got my finger stuck and I couldn’t take them out. The plug was out of my reach and I was too scared to move, in case I got electrocuted. I had to stand there until Sunday evening when Ron freed me”.

Barbara survived on breadcrumbs from the countertop for 36 hours. She is now planning to sue the toaster’s manufacturers.

“It might have been a bad idea to put my hand in it, but there wasn’t any warning on the box, instruction manual or on the toaster. I didn’t think it could be so dangerous. We even gave it a little name, Toastounie. I will definitely sue them as I am emotionally scarred and deserve a compensation”.