Visitors Keep on Calling the Police For Lost Toddler in White House

Washington – Once again, Washington Police have sent today officers to the White House. This is the 23rd time since January that visitors and staff members report a lost toddler in the building, forcing the police to pay a visit.

“Every week or two, somebody calls us and reports what seems to be an unsupervised toddler lost in the White House”, officer Maxime Callaghan says. “Nobody has seen the child but people have heard him. He sometimes throws tantrums, gets stroppy or throws toys out of his pram. It seems like he is out of control. He probably has no idea what he is doing there. The White House isn’t the place for immature behaviour. A child would be better at nursery”.

Even though they have spent hours checking the building, neither the police officers nor the Secret Services have been able to locate the lost toddler.

“We have looked in every room each time we went. There was no one under 18 years old in the White House. We couldn’t find anything. We don’t know what more to do”, Maxime says.

At the moment, the officer have no clue what could be causing the disturbance.

“It is either a toddler, a ghost or something that sounds like a toddler. We just can’t figure out this mystery”