Walmart Imposes Dress Code For Costumers in Florida

In the light of recent incidents, Walmart has decided to take some action to improve their image. The measure aims at getting rid of people shopping naked, stuffing food in their underwear or hiding electronics in their fat rolls.

“Luxury, good taste, elegance as well as sophistication. This is what we want Walmart to be associated with” KerryAnn Truper, a spokeswoman says. “No more customers in pyjama fighting over a pack of ham. People will shop with us without having to see a woman stuffing frozen meat in her bra. Welcome to food shopping 2.0. Were American refinement meets good manners”.

To reach that goal, Walmart has decided that from January 2018, they will only allow customers to shop with them if they are wearing a suit.

“We expect both men and women to follow the dress code. Of course, both can decide to wear a trouser of skirt suit, as they prefer. Bouncers will be at every entrance to make sure no one dressed inappropriately gains access to a shop”, KerryAnn says.

Determined to enforce the rule, Walmart has extended the obligation to online shopping.

“People will have to stand in front of their webcam before being allowed to shop online. A recognition program will judge their outfit. It will then give them access to the website if they follow the dress code”, KerryAnn explains.

According, the decision only targets people over the age of 18 years old at first.

“But we are discussing the possibility to extend the dress code to everyone including babies, from July 2018. We are just waiting to see how it goes with adults first. We are confident it will be a smooth transition”.