Banker is Sentenced to Live as a Poor Person For a Year

New York – A judge has sentenced Treyvor Dafadoe, a 57 years old banker, to live like a poor person for year. The banker was sued after trying to bribe a police officer when he was caught driving over the limit.

“You think the money you earn put you above the law”, Judge Vonpeno says. ‘It is not the case. It is about time you learn the value of hard work and humility. You need to experience life without relying on the power that money gives you. A year as a poor person might seem harsh but it is in your best interest”.

The banker and his wife have 3 children. In addition to send them to public school, the banker will have to get excited when he hears about a 3 for 2 promotion on toilet paper and drive a 1983 Honda civic. He will also be thrown out of his apartment after his neighbourhood has been infested by hipsters, making it impossible for him to pay the rent.

“Hopefully, a year from now, you will be a humble person who knows they are not worth more than anybody else”, the judge says.

Treyvor sobbed during the whole sentencing. In the court room was Norman Petifoe, one of Treyvor’s colleagues who really wanted to assist to the sentencing.

“It is a bit sad to see him cry like a baby”, Norman says. “But everybody hates him at the office. He is such a smug jobsworth. We’ll definitely enjoy seeing him being miserable for a year. Even though we probably won’t show it”