Woman’s Elbow Believes it is Her Mother

Cincinnati, Ohio – Assia Bouleg, 32, has always enjoyed her life as a single, independent woman. Unfortunately, since last month, her elbow has decided to control her life.

“It was subtle at first”, Assia explains. “I would try get in a bar and my elbow would get in the way, I couldn’t open the door. Once, I decide to go home walking through a park after the sunset and my elbow kept on pointing in the direction of the street. I hate running but my elbow pulls me, I have no choice”

While, at first, Assia didn’t mind so much, it soon became difficult to deal with her stubborn body part.

“It forces me to eat vegetables or put warm clothes on”, Assia says. “It made me buy a turtleneck. I hate those! Last Wednesday’s first date with that guy, Michael, was the final straw. My elbow kept on hitting him. It won’t let me date anyone earning under 150 000$ a year. I am so mad, I really liked Michael!”.

This incident pushed Assia to admit her elbow had become a problem bigger than she has realised.

“My friends weren’t talking to me anymore and I stayed home most of the time. I had lost control of my life. Yesterday, my elbow and I had a long discussion. I let it take some decisions so it feels like I value its wisdom. In exchange, it has to let me live my life the way I want. Things have already improved between us. I really advise any woman who has the same problem to react as soon as they realise it, before the situation gets out of control”.