Republicans Do Not Understand More Than 2 Concepts

A recent study made by the National Institute of Studies took a deeper look on how Republicans and Democrats’ political preference influence and is influenced by their intelligence.

“Rather than calcule their IQ, we have tried to measure what were people’s Math, English, History and General knowledge’s level” Robert Wallas, the man behind the study, says. “The Democrats scored higher in all the categories. But the most interesting discovery is that none of the Republican was able to handle more than 2 concepts. Happy-Angry. Black-White. Goodie-Baddie. Republican-Liberal. We also found out that they could only understand 5 to 10 of those opposite concepts. They use them to describe every situation they were facing”.

That discovery will allow Robert to understand some behaviours displayed on social media since the 2016 election.

“It does totally explain why Republicans are labelling everything and everyone they disagree with as ‘liberal”. They simply don’t have the capacity to express themselves or what they think/feel properly”.