Police to Only Recruit Officers Looking Like an Hemsworth Brother

New York – The Police really wants to restore their image and they might just have found the way to do it! The Hemsworth way.

In a statement today, Chief of Police, Anthony MvDough, has announced that a new criteria would be added to the tests to enter New York Police.

“Male candidates will have their face analysed and will only be allowed to become an officer if it looks at leat 85% like any of the 7 Hemsworth brothers”, Chief McDough says.

To avoid any accusation of sexism, female candidates will have to go through the facial recognition phase too.

“We will require 85% ressemblance with Gal Gadot”, Anthony says.

What will happen to people who fail the test?

“Candidates who score between 50% and 70% can still apply to be officers in the other states. You only need a score of 12% to be accepted in Ohio Police”