Cambridge Will Offer University Degree to Become a Youtuber

Cambridge, United Kingdom – Cambridge, the prestigious University has received many famous students through the years. Among them, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawkins, Prince Charles and Sasha Baron Cohen. From September 2018, it will also be the place where anyone who wants to become a Youtuber can go.

“Cambridge University wants to diversify the education they offer”, Lydia Gomes, the newly appointed head of the department, says. “Future Youtube celebrities will learn how to look surprised or cute for the thumbnail. Or the importance of using the words candle, cute, routine, autumn or Christmas in every video. We will also teach subjects such as the good usage of having a baby and how to turn relationships or children into money”.

The degree will last 2 years. It will cost £50 000 a year, by far the most expensive program offered by the University.

“We do not do it for the money”, Lydia explains. “The cost is justified. Not only will students benefits from Cambribridge’s prestige but they will also receive many Master Classes. Famous Youtubers will teach the students during the formation. First, Zoella will teach how to make the same video up to 34 times without the viewers noticing. Second, Tanya Burr will give baby voice lessons. Then third, Pewdiepie will teach a class on how to recover from a bad scandal. This formation is every wannabe Youtuber’s dream come true. We will only accept 200 students each year”.