Beverly Hills Mansion Owners Complain Helicopters are Too Loud

Beverly Hills Mayor, Georgina Brokers, is submerged every day by residents’ complaints about the police helicopters flying over their house at night.

“As much as I do understand the inconvenience, police helicopters are there to assure the security of the residents”, Georgina writes on Facebook. “Helicopters are the fastest way to respond to a crime or even stop it before it happens. I apologise for the noise and thank you for your comprehension. Together, we’ll make Beverly Hills the safe haven we all know you deserve”.

For Bromar Willis, a member of the Beverly Hills Neighbours Association, the apology is not enough

“We obviously want the helicopters to patrol over the houses or we would go live in one of those poor areas where the police never bothers to go”, Bromar says. “But we demand silent helicopters. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. We are important enough for the money to be spent on it. What is it? Detroit? We are ready to start a Twitter campaign to make our voices heard”.