Facebook Holds the First Humblebragging Awards

Mark Zuckerberg is always looking for ways to innovate and keep Facebook at the top of its game. His latest idea : the Humblebrag Awards

“Facebook is the Kingdom of humblebragging after all”, Karina Lewiss, a spokeswoman says. “We want to reward people who do it with talent and choose to express it on our platform”

So who are the nominees to receive the Golden Wheel?


Parental Humblebragging of the year

Sandra Jones : “Is it normal for a two years old to read books? Poor me I will have to take Little Timmy to the library every day now, that’s how long it takes him to read the 10 books we are allowed to take at the same time ;)”

Jacob Denisson : “I don’t care if people judge me for having children that are too quiet and polite, I will keep on taking them to the restaurant even though, they are not behaving like the other children”

Sarah Tussen : “I have so much admiration for mothers who bottle feed. I couldn’t have lived with the guilt of not giving the best to my adored son. You go girls!”

I look better than you humblebragging of the year 

Julie Meyer-Toss : “Looking younger than my age is such a pain in the knee. I can never buy alcohol without showing my ID card. I wish I look like you guys!”

Edward Bakkons : “If having a six pack without ever going to the gym makes me a hunk, then call me a hunk. But don’t ignore my brain for that reason”

Ginger McCarthy : “I wish I had your confidence, Myra Robertson. You don’t care if you are overweight or not, you just wear the clothes you want and keep going when I am always obsessed to look my best. You are so free gal!”

For more Awards nominees, see Facebook’s Golden Wheel’s Facebook page.