Donald Trump Goes After American Government’s “Scum”

Donald Trump is tired of controversy and he has decided to show it! In a Facebook post, he has explained his plan to get rid of scum and clean the American Government’s image.

“It’s time to earn people’s trust again and get rid of the scum. I am not scared to use that word. I said I would make America Great Again and I will. It starts with calling things what they are”, the President of the United States writes.

Donald Trump thinks people who sexually assault women have no place in the Government.

“Touching a women inappropriately is unacceptable. I expect anyone who had committed such an act to quit their job right now, before I come to get them. Same for the people using their position to promote their or their family members’ business, receive money from foreign Governments, use their campaign funds to pay their own businesses, refuse to send their tax returns… There is no space for that in our beautiful America”, Trump continues.

It doesn’t matter how long ago the offence happened, Donald Trump is determined to deep clean all the levels of the Power.

“Anybody who has been sued for illegal business practices, defamation, circumventing state laws, stealing a candy from a child… I will find you and make sure you lose your job”, Donald Trump writes.